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How the CCC “Happened”

She hadn’t planned to start a “group,” never mind a global community!

The Communion of Catholic Coaches (CCC) started meeting in 2021 because our Founder, Lisa Mladinich, was asked to lead a new “Catholic track” at the renowned Professional Christian Coaching Institute (PCCI).

PCCI is respected for being the oldest, biggest, and best of the faith-based schools that are also fully-aligned with the ethics and core competencies of the International Coaching Federation (ICF)–the gold standard for the industry, worldwide. In fact, PCCI’s founder, the great Christopher McCluskey, is known around the world as “The Father of Christian Coaching.” He is an amazing pro-life warrior and visionary leader with many Catholic friends and an appreciation for our rising movement.

So, with this new “Catholic track” offer on the table, Lisa leaped at the opportunity to teach at her alma mater, and the Catholic track was established upon the Institute’s flagship course: The Essentials of Life Coaching. The course would be taught, as always, in alignment with clear biblical principles and the ICF’s superb professional standards. But in this new endeavor, they would be elevated even further through a faithfully-Catholic lens!

So, to get the word out about this remarkable new training opportunity, Lisa placed ads, used social media, and did radio and podcast interviews on Catholic programs. And little by little, the word spread, and absolutely wonderful people started signing up!

What was so wonderful about them?

Our First Members

From the first phone call, our members have been expressing their love for the Church and Our Blessed Mother. And it’s crystal clear that the work they do—and the way they live their faith—is lighting up the Church in powerful ways. Which is why our Founder is so often heard saying:

“I personally believe that the rise of the Catholic coaching movement is part of the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary.” – Lisa Mladinich

And our members are called to serve in an incredible variety of niches! Executive/Leadership; Teams; Business Building; Personal Vocation; Life/Work Balance; Spiritual Development; Habit Change; Health/Wellness; Burnout Prevention/Recovery; Long-Term Addiction Recovery; Strengths/Talent Development; Marriage and Family; Divorce/Annulment; Book/Product Development; Career Change; Midlife/Transition; Retirement/Empty Nest; Special Needs Parenting; ADHD; Bereavement; and on and on. God is SO creative!

But because—in the summer of 2021—a few students were waiting for the very first “Catholic Essentials” class to begin, Lisa started meeting online with her co-instructor and their students for a once-a-month chat about coaching, business models, and faith.

And a fascinating thing happened.

As word got out that a comprehensive, new, Catholic coach training program was forming, an increasing flood of inquiries came in from other Catholics around the world, in three categories:

  • Those discerning into the profession (potential students)
  • Those already training in other programs (who typically asked, “Where were you?!! I’ve been looking for Catholic training for years!)
  • And those already coaching professionally (some were ICF-aligned trainers at the highest professional levels).

But what did they all want?

Community. Belonging. Connection.

And so, we welcomed them ALL to our humble little monthly meeting! It has been an incredible joy meeting them and getting to know them, and our numbers have swelled to more than 300 members worldwide.

FREE and Premium Membership Opportunities

We still meet on the third Wednesday of every month at 1:00pm ET for an hour (currently on Zoom), to hear a guest speaker or engage with each other on a topic relevant to our faith, our community, or our profession. (Sometimes all three!)

NOTE: The monthly meeting is FREE and completely open to anyone who is interested. (We also maintain a free online community in Mighty Networks, as well, so our members can connect between meetings.)

If you’re interested in joining our Free Community, please hop on our invitation list, below, and we’ll keep you in the loop every month! (We send out replays, when you aren’t able to attend live.)

And on the same page for the Free Community, you’ll also find exciting details about our Premium Membership, which we are building with the Lord, to elevate and connect our members in more powerful ways than ever before.

Note: A monthly tithe of all our CCC Membership earnings is joyfully donated to the Sisters of Life, so while you invest in this powerful movement, you are also blessing the cause of Life.

We would love to have you join us in this new season of Believing, Belonging, and Becoming!

That’s the CCC motto! Why?

Our Priorities

Over the last few years, we have surveyed our members twice, and their priorities–in order of importance–are crystal clear:

  1. Growing in holiness (Believe)
  2. Participating in a faithfully-Catholic community of dedicated professionals (Belong)
  3. Growing and thriving in their businesses and ministries (Become)

So, a small Core Team of wonderful volunteers have been meeting regularly to pray and discern where God is calling us to serve His coaches at the highest possible levels. And our new membership represents the first fruits of that discernment, planning–and hard work!

Join our free community to learn more!

Donna Ottaviano-Britt

Donna Ottaviano-Britt.

Advisory Board

Donna Ottaviano-Britt is a disciple of Jesus, a loving wife to Joe (her very own St. Joseph), who has coached for 25+ years in multiple environments. She built a breadth and depth of skills and experiences with a global company – serving clients in the US and abroad – before bringing her gifts, talents and expertise to serve the Catholic Church in the Diocese of Camden in 2018.  Donna’s areas of expertise are in leadership, coaching, sales, strategic innovation and learning and development.

She is the first director of the Office of Discipleship and Leadership, and is dedicated to exploring, piloting and evolving the many paths of becoming a missionary disciple – so all can live into their baptismal calling. This involves equipping and supporting the co-responsible clergy and laity in their missionary work in the 21st century.

A critical pathway for discipleship and leadership is creating a culture of affirmation and calling. Donna is creating opportunities for clergy and laity – through coaching – to shine a bright light on the unique and unrepeatable God-given design of each person. These coaching experiences are specifically intended to recognize and celebrate who a person uniquely is. This beautiful gifting remains at the heart of her work in service to the Mystical Body.

In collaboration with key strategic partners, her office has designed, developed and implemented a coaching experience for clergy, the Gifted Leadership Journey. Each priest is provided executive coaching accompaniment to reveal and affirm his uniqueness as a child of God and as a priest of Jesus – uniquely called to the priesthood for his gifts and talents.

Donna is launching a new ‘ministry of accompaniment coaching’ for the laity, so they too can answer their missional calling for which they have been uniquely created. For as St. John Newman said, ‘God has created me to do Him some definite service. He has committed some work to me which He has not committed to another.’

Advisory Board Service:

She also hosts the Talking Catholic YouTube show, Joyful Disciples, a show dedicated to highlighting joyful followers of Jesus.

Member: The Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem

  • The only lay institution of the Vatican State charged with the task of providing for the needs of the Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem and of all the activities and initiatives to support the Christian presence in the Holy Land.

Rev. Robert E. Hughes


Robert E. Hughes, Jr. was born on 21 April 1963 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the eldest of three children, to Robert E. Hughes, Sr. and Dolores Garrity Hughes.  His two younger sisters, Bernadette Hughes Underwood and Nancy Hughes Naulty are likewise South Jersey residents. In 1964 his family moved to West Berlin (Camden County), New Jersey.  Robert attended the local public kindergarten and then elementary school at Our Lady of Mount Carmel Regional School in Berlin.  He subsequently attended Paul VI High School in Haddon Township, graduating in 1981.

Robert began his college studies as a Pre-Med/Biology major at LaSalle University in Philadelphia before entering college seminary studies at Saint Pius X Seminary and the University of Scranton.  He graduated with a B.A. in Philosophy from Scranton in 1985.

Bishop Guilfoyle then appointed Robert to theology studies at the Pontifical North American College in Rome.  Robert earned an S.T.B. in Sacred Theology at the Pontifical Athenaeum of Saint Thomas Aquinas (Angelicum) and pursued a course of studies for his S.T.L. in Sacred Theology at the Pontifical Athenaeum of Sant’Anselmo.

Robert was ordained to the Order of Deacons at Saint Peter’s Basilica in Rome in 1989 and to the priesthood at the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception on August 4, 1990.

Father Hughes was later appointed to advanced studies at Seton Hall University in South Orange, New Jersey where he earned an M.A. in Education with a specialization in administration in 2000.

Carla Winner

Carla Winner

Director of Coach Wellness

Carla Winner is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Life Coach and Writer. She is passionate about empowering others to know their true worth in God, to face their past, their fears, or anything else that may be keeping them from living out their God given gifts and purpose.

Carla has had the honor of serving as a Christian counselor in the Capital Region of New York for 13 years, and five years ago opened her own private practice. Her warmth, caring heart, naturally friendly demeanor, and authentic empathy is inviting to clients. Her approach in therapy and coaching is a blend of using her years of psychological knowledge and experience, while also teaching practical tools and including the client’s faith walk in a seamless way.

She has been married to her best friend for 16 years, and together you can find them racing after their two beautiful children and their dog, Dollie, who really is as cute as her name implies. When she’s not working, you can find Carla with a good friend grabbing a cup of coffee, trying a new restaurant with her husband, creating fun memories with her kids, or spending precious quality time gathered around the table with family and friends.

Contact Olive Tree Counseling and Ministries: [email protected]


Stephanie Brown

Advisory Board

Stephanie Brown, PCC, SPHR, SHRM-SCP, leads FWD Coaching Concepts, LLC with a vision deeply ingrained in the principles of leadership professional development and organizational growth, enriched by each individual’s unique foundation and journey. With over two decades in federal human resources and a commendable 17 years in leadership coaching and facilitation, her approach seamlessly integrates professional prowess with profound personal development.

Her academic credentials include a bachelor’s degree in psychology and a master’s in human resources management from the University of Maryland Global Campus, alongside a master’s in theology from St. Leo University. This diverse education supports her holistic coaching strategy, marrying the rigor of organizational theory with the depth of spiritual understanding.

Her commitment is to foster leaders who not only achieve excellence in their respective domains but also lead in a manner that is true to their faith and values, making purposeful impacts in their workplaces and beyond. By advocating for leadership that is authentic, compassionate, and spiritually grounded, Stephanie aspires to cultivate an environment where leaders and organizations don't just flourish but do so with purpose and integrity.

Stephanie lives in Hampton Roads in Virginia and has been married to Navy retired, Deacon Michael Brown (Diocese of Richmond) for over 37 years. They have three adult children and three grandchildren.

Philippians 2:3-4: “Do nothing out of selfishness or out of vainglory; rather, humbly regard others as more important than yourselves, each looking out not for his own interests, but [also] everyone for those of others.”

Contact: https://www.fwdcoach.com


Christopher Hanes

Advisory Board

Christopher (Chris) Hanes has over 25 years of coaching, consulting, leadership, and training and development experience. He studied Psychology, Business, and Education at the undergraduate and graduate level and earned a M.Ed. focused on adult learning and training & development. Chris is also a Birkman Certified Professional and will earn the ACC and BCC coaching credentials in 2024. Chris has worked in the non-profit and for-profit sectors and has managed and led teams of all demographics, and in many countries, both in person and remotely. Chris serves on the Parish Council at Saint Mary Magdalene Catholic Parish in Apex, NC.

Contact: https://www.resultsorientedlearning.com/consulting


Patrick Molyneaux

Advisory Board

Patrick (Pat) Molyneaux is a devoted husband to Andrea and father to Therese. He is co-owner of Molyneaux Tile Carpet Wood, a chain of flooring stores in Western PA. Over the past 30 years Molyneaux has grown from $2 million in revenue to nearly $30 million. Pat’s Christifideles Laici inspired vision is to help renew the temporal order by bringing beauty and joy to all that Molyneaux touches.

He is a cofounder and catalyst for several ministries and lay apostolates. One of Pat’s callings is helping Catholic CEO’s live out their Catholic faith in the marketplace. Responding to this call, in 2010 Patrick and Andrea founded the Pittsburgh Chapter of Legatus, an organization that helps Catholic CEO’s learn and live their faith.

In 2015 Pat was inspired by the writings of St. John Paul II in Pastores Dabo Vobis section 43 on Human Formation and started helping Catholic pastors and their lay leaders improve leadership and team effectiveness in context of Human Formation. In 2017, Pat teamed up with Craig Cozza to create the Human Formation Coalition (HFC), an ecumenical 501c3 that awakens a robust understanding of the integration of all four pillars of formation (Human, Spiritual, Intellectual, Pastoral-Vocational) within leadership development contexts, but with a special emphasis on Human Formation.

Since 2017 HFC has catalyzed Human Formation coaching and learning opportunities for hundreds of clergy and thousands of lay leaders globally. Furthermore, HFC has trained hundreds of Human Formation coaches globally. In 2020 HFC launched Leadership Circles for faith-based leaders to come together and discover a leadership vision that is aligned with their unique Ephesians 2:10 workmanship/vocational callings. Beginning in 2021 Pat has more actively catalyzed Christian leaders to cultivate personal vocation inside their organizations which (in collaboration with others) included a Leadership Retreat for the Franciscan University President’s Council.  In 2022 Pat was inducted into the Leadership Institute Advisory Board for Franciscan University.

Andrea Wenderski

Andrea Wenderski

Advisory Board

Thanks to her dream of earning a Master’s degree, Andrea was introduced to the world of coaching in the Fall of 2021, as she pursued her goal of being in the first graduating class of Franciscan University at Steubenville’s brand new Catholic Studies program. She accomplished this by graduating in December of 2021, eighteen months after entering the program. Without pausing for a break, Andrea became one of the students in PCCI’s first-ever Catholic Essentials of Life Coaching course, in March 2022, which was quickly followed by the rest of the required classes--and six electives. She is currently on track to receive joint CPLC certifications before the end of 2024.

Andrea is passionate about connecting with others in an authentic and honest manner, honoring their individuality and engaging them with integrity, as they uncover their personal callings through strengths-based coaching and Catholic spiritual coaching. She became Human Formation Coalition’s (HFC) first certified Accompaniment Coach in January 2023 and has written a Christian Coaches Virtue Guidebook at their request. She pioneers with HFC in different projects designed to bring forth the fullest potential of leaders in the Catholic sphere. She is also developing Catholic-aligned exercises designed to help people listen and discern God’s voice in their lives.

She and her husband of 30+ years, Lenny, have three daughters and three sons, and are business partners of Special T’s Packaging, LLC, specializing in protective packaging of industrial components.

Andrea is involved in several Catholic organizations including Encounter Ministries, inner healing and deliverance ministries, and prophetic ministries. Besides spending time with her family, Andrea loves cooking, reading, traveling, and visiting Catholic churches whenever she can.

You can connect with her at her ministry, All Ears Catholic Coaching, LLC (allearscatholiccoaching.com).


Jenna Mayo

Director of Executive and Leadership Coaching

Jenna Mayo, PCC, is a mom of three daughters, wife, Catholic Speaker, ICF-Certified Professional Coach, triathlete, and avid skier. Jenna leads from the stage, phone, and video calls empowering and emboldening individuals to find their path forward guided by their Catholic faith.

Jenna’s Mission is to “teach others how to live the life they dream and not the one they are told they have to live.”

She specializes in Executive Leadership Coaching and Catholic Faith-Based Executive Coaching. Jenna has cultivated her skills through more than 2,500 hours of professional coaching over 1,000 individuals across the world and more than 500 hours of keynote speaking.

Living into her value pillars of courage, humility, and faith, Jenna will invite you to visualize and live out virtue and value in the midst of the chaos of the modern world.

Find out more at: https://www.jennamayo.com

Contact: [email protected]

Michelle Stavans

Michelle Stavens

Director of Community Relations

Michelle is a daughter of Christ, a wife, a mother, a grandmother, and she LOVES her coffee with God! She’s been married to her best friend for 31 years and has four incredible children and twin grandchildren.

Michelle holds a Master of Business Administration and received life coach, APEST and Clifton Strengths based training from Professional Christian Coaching Institute and Human Formation Coalition.

Michelle’s gift of motherhood has been her greatest training. Her family would not be where they are today if it had not been for their Catholic faith. She aspires daily to build up the kingdom of God. She loves our CCC community and never takes it for granted.

With Michelle’s background in business and human resources management, leadership, organizational strategic growth development, Catholic School teaching, youth ministry, speaking, writing, training, and Pope John Paul’s Theology of the Body, she has utilized coaching skills daily in all the various roles God has placed in front of her.

Her favorite quoteOnce we realize we are owed nothing, we are grateful for everything.

Fun Fact: Her mom was in the convent and her dad was in the seminary!

Contact: [email protected]

Michael Baker

Michael Baker

Director of Membership Services

Michael is the Head Coach with Christian Pursuits Coaching. His mission is to assist Christians in discovering how God designed them and use their Godly design to engage and serve others with wisdom and maturity.

Michael is certified in strengths coaching and emotional intelligence coaching. He is highly skilled in organizational implementation and workshop facilitation and is wise enough to call on the Holy Spirit when coaching individuals one-on-one. Michael’s experience includes working with parish leadership, higher education, and health care. He is the Director of Membership for Communion of Catholic Coaches.

Contact: [email protected]

Sarah Dao-Bai

Vanessa Denha-Garmo

Advisory Board

Vanessa Denha-Garmo is a certified life and leadership coach and a certified Strengths Coach; she works with clients on leadership and career development, communications, and team building. Her programs and resources focus heavily on a growth mindset and developing emotional and positive intelligence. She uses a brain science approach to coaching when helping clients get unstuck, which often centers around mindsets and beliefs. She helps people and organizations reach their goals, lead with strengths, and build strong teams. She works with clients to create a leadership style focused on communications and strengths. She helps clients unleash the leader in themselves and awaken the spirit of success. Through coaching, Vanessa's clients have Epiphany moments where they grow deeper self-awareness.

She is the founder of Epiphany Communications: Coaching & Consulting. She and her team serve as communications evangelists, strategists, consultants, and content writers. Vanessa has more than 25 years of experience in communications. Vanessa is the host of Epiphany on Ave Maria Radio. She was a full-time reporter for WJR 760 for 10 years. She hosted the show It's Your Community, which was heard on WJR 760 AM, 96.3 FM, and 93.1 FM for 30 years.

As an award-winning journalist, Vanessa can guide clients on how to tell their stories using various platforms. As a speaker, facilitator, and consultant, Vanessa tells her audiences that "everyone has a story to tell, but if you don't know how to tell your story, no one will care about your story. She co-founded the Chaldean News and served as Co-publisher and Editor in Chief for nearly 16 years.

She has a bachelor's degree in journalism and a master's in communications. She wrote her thesis on Bullies in the Workplace. She is an award-winning journalist and an Emmy Award-Winning Documentarian. You can follow Epiphany Communications on Facebook and Vanessa Denha Garmo on X, Instagram, TikTok, and LinkedIn. 

Contact: https://epiphanycommunications.com/ 


Lisa Mladinich

Lisa Mladinich, PCC

Founder & President

Lisa Mladinich, PCC, is a joyful Catholic wife of almost 39 years, a proud mom, and Third Order Carmelite, living in New York.

She is an ICF-certified Life Coach and Gallup-certified CliftonStrengths® Coach who facilitates a free international community of over 250 Catholic coaches, as well as a high-touch professional membership, The Communion of Catholic Coaches.

Lisa serves on the faculty of the Professional Christian Coaching Institute and is the Coordinator of the Catholic Coach Training Program, which is endorsed by Mike Aquilina. (Find out more here. https://professionalchristiancoaching.com/catholic/ )

A best-selling, award-winning author and media host, Lisa has appeared on EWTN Television and Radio, CatholicTV, Relevant Radio, Guadalupe Radio, Ave Maria Radio, the Catholic Faith Network, Shalom World TV, SiriusXM, and many other Catholic and secular networks.

She hosts a dynamic weekly coaching podcast about the intersection of faith and talent called, Talent Talk Tuesdays, (https://wonderfullymade139.com/podcast/ ) as well as a podcast for Catholic homeschoolers called, Homeschooling Saints. (https://homeschoolconnections.com/podcast/ )

Contact: [email protected]

Linda Delia

Linda Delia

Director of Program Development

Linda Delia is a Certified Accompaniment Coach with the Human Formation Coalition, a Strengths Champion Certified Coach®, and will soon receive her Life Coaching CPLC from the Professional Christian Coaching Institute, where she currently serves as an Academic Advisor.

Her professional training in technology has been the foundation of her career in program development and communication. She has also served in church ministry for over 35 years and enjoys her role as a servant leader, drawing others deeper into their faith. Linda felt God calling her into coaching, after many years of listening, guiding, and deeply connecting with those she served.

She seeks to follow Christ's example of journeying with others, as they encounter the love of the Father calling them to be fully alive in every season of life. It is her joy to accompany them in seeing where God moves in the ordinary places of their lives, discovering their unique calling, and learning to use their gifts and talents, right where God has planted them.

Linda married her high school sweetheart over 40 years ago. The Delias have four adult children, and they have recently become grandparents! In addition to blogging at Gardener’s Touch  https://www.gardenerstouch.net/, Linda enjoys entertaining family and friends, snuggling with her new granddaughter, and being outdoors.

Contact: [email protected]